after school club - Minerva Primary Academy

From Wednesday 12 May 2021, we will now offer a Capoeira after school club in Minerva Primary Academy.

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art created by slaves in Brazil. Capoeira has a strong cultural component, classes incorporate elements of kicks, escapes, acrobatics, music and singing.

Here is a sneak peak of what our kids capoeira classes look like!

Capoeira will help your child build strength and flexibility, they will learn to work as a team, how to be good training partners but also grow self-confidence and be respectful to each others. They will also learn another language through capoeira songs (Portuguese) and learn history about the Afro-Brazilian culture.

But most of it, they will have fun!

Capoeira is a very rich martial arts, originally illegal in Brazil for many years but not popular all over the world!

What will your child need to attend the Capoeira after school club:

  • A PE kit/ comfortable clothes. We spend a bit of time upside down so skirts will not be suitable.

  • A snack to burn some energy

  • A bottle of water to keep hydrated

May the fun begin!

Schedule for Minerva Primary Academy after school club:

  • Block 2: From Wednesday 09 June to Wednesday 14 July 2021
    After school club once a week - Six weeks block
    Total price: £30