CAPOEIRA after school club
Minerva Primary Academy

Please read below for further information of what is Capoeira and how to book! 

Spaces are limited so don't wait last minute.

If you have any questions please get in touch with Lise here.

  1. What is Capoeira

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art created by slaves in Brazil. Capoeira has a strong cultural component, and incorporate elements of kicks, escapes, acrobatics, music and singing.

Capoeira will help your child build strength and flexibility, improve mouvements and body coordination, they will also learn to work as a team, how to be good training partners but also grow self-confidence and be respectful to each others. They will also learn another language through capoeira songs (Portuguese) and learn history about the Afro-Brazilian culture. But most of it, they will have fun!

2. What will my child need? 

  • An appropriate PE kit (trousers and t-shirt). Skirts/ dresses and mini shorts are not suitable.

  • A snack to burn some energy

  • A bottle of water to keep hydrated

3. How to enrol my child(ren)?

Schedule for Minerva Primary Academy after school club:

  • Term 3: From Wednesday 12 January 2022 to Wednesday 16 February 2022
    After school club once a week (every Wednesday)