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AOM Flow is a unique new hybrid functional movement style fitness class. This exciting contemporary system of training has been created and purposely built by AOM to help improve all round functional day to day movement and also high level elite athletic performance.  
With core foundational elements and movement drills taken from martial arts, yoga and dance, AOM flow classes will focus and train your flexibility, balance, coordination, speed, strength and build the mind and body connection. This can then be applied how ever students wish or focused into specific sports chosen movement type. 
In time, students will begin to deeply understand their body and mind connection. Movements and mechanism through breath, flow and control that they never knew possible before. 
This class is for everyone, from martial art artists, professional athletes or people who have limited beginner experience or fitness levels. 
We scale all our classes to match the individual and go at a pace for sustainable growth, learning, progress and enjoyment. 
This is the first course of this type AOM have launched anywhere in the world and we are very excited to share it with you!

Join the movement, Come move with us!