Mestre Primo, born and raised in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, started his life in the world of capoeira in 1989, in a social project called Criança de Dandara, intended to rescue black culture. 30 years later (2019) he received his Master title.

Mestre Primo moved to Ireland in 2002, then England in 2006, where he has since led 13 annual international capoeira festivals with guests and students from all over the world and had the opportunity to work with people of different ethnicities, cultures and needs. Traveling to several multiple countries in Europe and Latin America, he has performed in places like Colombia, Mexico, Qatar, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Italy, France, England, Poland and is still very much involved with his capoeira group in Brazil.

Mestre Primo is known for his positive and motivational energy, mixing discipline in a playful and fun way. He is able to transpose the values of Capoeira and teach about discipline and equality in mixed groups that range from children to adults of any age. 

Mestre Primo dedicates his life to Capoeira, training and sharing his knowledge all over the world by not only teaching the art of capoeira but also educating people about its story and history. Through capoeira, Mestre Primo helps transforming students into citizens of our society.


Mestre Primo is passionate about bodybuilding and fitness, through a healthy lifestyle, balancing a healthy mind into a healthy body. He has practiced MMA and got certified by WUMA – Worlds United Martial Arts federation

Mestre Primo's mojo: It can be difficult, but it is not impossible, as long as you have patience and passion. Slowly and always together!

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