Following the latest announcement, the UK will go on lockdown from Thursday 05 November, which means we have now moved all our capoeira classes ONLINE. 

The last capoeira kids class will take place on Tuesday 03 November at 5pm in St George Community Centre. 

BJJ and AOM Flow classes will resume at the end of the lockdown. 

BUT, despite the current situation, we DO have some GOOD NEWS for you!

  • By the time we come out of lockdown, we will finally be back into our hall!

  • We will also have not one, but TWO NEW classes to offer: MMA & Carnival Fitness!

  • AND, Brazilian Jiu jiu and AOM Flow classes WILL FINALLY BE BACK

  • Last but not least, we will be offering ONE MONTH FREE to anyone joining us at the end of the lockdown (stay tuned for more details!)

If you have any questions, just call, text or email us! Stay safe everyone!



We are 


All classes must now be pre-booked online* due to limited capacity

*We may have to turn you down if you haven't pre-booked and the class is already full



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We focus on key elements of performances, such as balance, speed, strength, flexibility, explosive power, coordination and mindset, focusing on every little detail of each technique

Have goals

We strive to help everyone with their goals. Whether you want to improve wellbeing and general fitness, express yourself through movements or become a champion

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Join the team 

By being part of our strong community, we will help build your mental strength and confidence, stay motivated to achieve your goals as well as helping you with personal growth and discipline

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Be different

Don't be afraid to do things differently. 

We’ve spent years searching, developing and learning for the best ways to improve, excel and move more efficiently


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Art Of Movement (AOM) is the unique creation from many years of passion, love and dedication for martial arts, fitness, wellness and functional movement. After many years of training, travelling and working with the highest level elite athletes around the world and wide range of sports, arts and mixed discipline, we noticed there was a new way to approach elite functional movement, and AOM was born. 


We wanted to create something inclusive, adaptable, a complete system that would help all functionally in everyday life and also scalable to enhance peak performance for high level professionals. 

The body is a machine that we really need to take care of. Movement is life, life is movement. 


St Luke's Church (church hall upstairs)
Church Street
Bristol BS5 9FB

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We would love to hear from you!  Drop us an email or give us a call. 

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