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Capoeira kids classes

Art of Movement Bristol offers Capoeira classes for kids in Bristol. We are an independent school with a family feel located in Bristol BS5 (Barton Hill).


We deliver a 1h class for kids every Tuesday & Thursday at 5:15 PM.

Our kids classes are open to all levels, including beginners for kids aged 6+ years old.

A usual class will be structured the following way :

  • Warm up with Capoeira movements

  • Breakdown of techniques, practise with a partner

  • Roda at the end of class.

Capoeira near me

Our classes are delivered in central Bristol, near the Lawrence Hill train station. There is easy off-street parking around the club and our main entrance is via the double red doors on Church street

Why should my child train Capoeira?

Capoeira has many benefits for kids and adults:

  • Physical fitness, agility and coordination: Capoeira is a dynamic and physically engaging activity that promotes overall fitness. Kids develop strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, and cardiovascular endurance through the diverse movements.

  • Teamwork and social skills: Capoeira is often practiced in a group setting, encouraging teamwork and cooperation. Kids learn to interact with their peers, take turns during exercises, and collaborate in the performance of Capoeira sequences. This promotes the development of social skills and a sense of community.

  • Creativity and expression: Capoeira is often referred to as a "game" and encourages creative expression through movement. Kids have the opportunity to express themselves physically, explore their creativity, and develop a sense of individuality within the structured environment of Capoeira.

  • Musical education: Capoeira is accompanied by traditional music, played on instruments such as the berimbau, atabaque and pandeiro. Kids have the opportunity to learn about rhythm, timing, and musical expression, expanding their understanding and appreciation of different art forms.

  • Confidence building: Learning and mastering new movements in Capoeira can boost a child's self-confidence. As they progress in their training, receive positive feedback, and overcome challenges, kids gain a sense of achievement that contributes to greater self-esteem. Through Capoeira, kids will also learn to navigate conflicts in a controlled and respectful manner. They develop an understanding of boundaries, communication, and conflict resolution within the context of the practice.

  • Get away from screen time: I think that says it all!

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How do I book my first class?

We have a FREE taster available on our booking page. 

Please make sure you arrive 10 mins in advance so we can start the class on time.

What should my child wear on his first class?

Please make sure your child arrive in sports clothes (legging, jogger) and a t-shirt. No skirts, dresses or jeans.

We will look after the rest!

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