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Kids & Adults

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art created by slaves in Brazil. Illegal for many years and legalised in 1934, Capoeira is now popular all over the world. Capoeira combines elements of fight, dance, movements, music and singing. 

Capoeiristas (people playing capoeira) will tell you that Capoeira is more than a sport, it’s a lifestyle and a way of life where you learn multiple skills: Physical, mental, musical, linguistic (as you learn Brazilian Portuguese) and cultural by learning about the extended Afro-Brazilian culture.

Music is a key element in Capoeira. Music sets the rhythm, the style of play, and the energy of a game.  Check out the list of the main capoeira songs we sing in the roda.

People want to train Capoeira because they want to:

  • Train something cool

  • Do something different

  • Be part of a community

  • Lose weight

  • Learn about a different culture

  • Learn multiple skills

Capoeira has many health and fitness benefits. By training capoeira you will:

  • Build strength & stamina 

  • Improve flexibility & coordination

  • Reduce stress and improve self-confidence

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