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After leaving Paris at the age of 23, Lise arrived in England (Bristol) ready to start her events career. She worked in multiple Public Relations agencies in Paris and in the UK but Bristol had different plans for her. She started training Capoeira and started working closely with Rad to build their Capoeira club in 2013. 
Having already an interest in African dance, she also started attending Afro-Caribbean classes called “Carnival Fitness” in Bristol with Piloxercise for four years before becoming an instructor herself in October 2019. 

 Lise has had an active lifestyle since her youngest age, enjoying playing volleyball, dancing, learning piano and playing capoeira. Lise teaches Capoeira classes and looks after the social side of the club. She is at the heart of the club’s community and believes it is all about the people. She wears multiple hats and always finds a way to gather students and parents around a nice meal! If there is one (other) thing that brings people together it is indeed (great) food!

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