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Maculelê is a Brazilian dance and martial art that originated in Brazil. It is often performed in a circular formation, and participants use sticks or machetes while dancing and interacting with each other. Maculelê is deeply rooted in Afro-Brazilian culture and has connections to the traditions brought to Brazil by African slaves.

The dance is characterized by rhythmic and coordinated movements, with participants often striking the sticks in time with music. The rhythm is a crucial aspect of Maculelê, creating a vibrant and energetic performance.


Music is an integral part of Maculelê. Participants sing traditional songs in Portuguese or African languages, accompanied by percussion instruments such as the atabaque and agogô. The music sets the pace for the dance and contributes to the overall atmosphere


Over time, Maculelê has evolved and adapted, and different groups may incorporate variations in choreography, music, and attire. It is sometimes incorporated into Brazilian martial arts and dance practices.

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